Taylor Shechet – Game Audio Sound Design Reel 2017

Taylor Shechet – Music & Sound Design Reel 2016


Sound Design

My primary focus is sound design for games and film. I do everything from voice acting for monster sounds to creative foley and purely synthesized effects. I strive to choose techniques that are most appropriate for the vibe, timeline, and budget of a project


I have over 14 years of experience as an experimental musician composing and performing original music in styles ranging from hip hop to horror and indie rock to metal. I seek out timbres, psychoacoustic, and compositional techniques that invoke precise emotional imagery and a sense of space in the mind of the listener. I also maintain a wide network of musicians and can act as a music supervisor to acquire appropriate underground music for your project. My music has been licensed by clients including FOX Digital, Evernote and The Provincetown Theater.

Game Audio Implementation

The best game audio often results when the sound designer is also responsible for implementation. I've been working with Unity3D since 2013 and can use Playmaker and the Unity audio interface to demonstrate concepts and implement sounds without the help of a coder. I've completed the Wwise certification course and basic FMOD training and look forward to opportunities to work with middleware on projects. I'm especially excited about 3D audio implementation for VR and have worked with it during the Monster VR / Titmouse Haunt'N'Hack Hackathon.
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