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ANAMNESIA is a short science fiction film directed by STRANGELOOP (AKA David Wexler) and produced by the Teaching Machine art collective.

My friend Gavin Gamboa, a long time member of Teaching Machine, contributed to the musical score of the film, and also designed and built an intricate net narrative: ANAMNESIA.NET/work. I provided musical atmospheres for the net narrative. I loved working with Teaching Machine on this project and I’m excited about the work we’ll do together in the future.  The ANAMNESIA Soundtrack features 6 original score pieces and 9 atmospheric pieces, and is available now on the Teaching Machine Bandcamp.

One of the challenges of this project was creating atmospheres that were unique and exciting, but did not draw too much attention to themselves. I did a lot of checking at different volume levels and different speakers to try to get the right balance of dynamics. The score of ANAMNESIA features several beautiful pieces by Gavin Gamboa and Jake Bloch, and for the creation of the Network atmospheres, I often started with a small piece of the score, and then used Paul Stretch to elongate it, sometimes 50x, which created a dense and smooth cloud of sound.  I repeated this process, gently treated the clouds, and combined them. I then blended in other sounds that I felt were philosophically and aurally appropriate, including heavily manipulated samples of the magnetic fields of celestial bodies, a recording from a contact mic on a signpost in the desert, and a sound I created based on a sonic representation of the Higgs Boson.

Watch the film, and check out the accompanying net narrative at

ANAMNESIA : a loss of forgetfulness from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

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