An audio breakdown of “Bridge” by Strangeloop + Taylor Shechet

Bridge is a micro-film by Strangeloop + Taylor Shechet.

I created the main ambience by heavily manipulating samples from a sonification of the background radiation from the big bang. To represent the crystal structure, I layered sounds from a jam session between Baseck, Gavin Gamboa and myself, involving a David Smith Tempest and Baseck’s modular setup. I pitch shifted these sounds slightly to create a doppler effect as the crystals approach.

For the lens flare, I combined recordings of bowed glass and a glass armonica (The latter per a suggestion from Marianne Williams) from the Berklee College of Music sampling archive, a massive resource which is free to use. Through some creative routing I managed to use the free demo version of Longcat’s AudioStage 3d audio imaging software to follow the movements of the lens flares.

The burst of static at the very end right before the Teaching Machine logo appears comes from an audio representation of the WMX logo. The sound in the flashes of light comes from an audio representation of the Sigillum Dei Aemaeth, provided to me by Gala Gryphon. Special thanks to Post Sound Lab for the mastering which provided the final touch.


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