Your Hands Are Feet

I created music and sound design for Your Hands Are Feet, recipient of the Engadget Experience VR grant.

Role: Music Status: Website launched 04.01.2013 is the online component to Strangeloop‘s film Anamnesia in the form of an interactive net-graphic novel featuring sound design by Taylor Shechet and conceptual artwork by Micah Nelson and Steeve Teeple.

N0 C1iP

Role: Music Status: Shipped 07.01.2014 for Windows, OSX & Linux. N0 C1iP is a game created by Duende Games for Game Jolt’s Glitch Jam where players explore a landscape of disfigured shapes and distorted views. It was exhibited Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival 2015. N0 C1iP’s music is by Taylor Shechet and features […]


Role: Sound Design Status: Shipped 11.05.2014 for Windows & Oculus DK1 / DK2. BODY OF THE NIGHT is a VR horror experience created by Mat Walker Entertainment for the Oculus DK1 & DK2. Sound effects were created by Taylor Shechet in collaboration with Justin Brennan & Romie Romak (GRYPT). After the release of BODY OF […]


Role: Sound Design, Music Status: Shipped 06.06.2016 for Windows & OSX. CRYSTAL CAPTURE CAVE is a multiplayer (Up to 20) team-based capture the flag game by Elliott Davis. The game was created for a birthday game jam, with original music by Taylor Shechet and using sound effects from an earlier collaboration (Bitten).


Role: Sound Design Status: Pre-Alpha v0.5 publicly available for Windows & OSX. Alpha scheduled for Early Access by end of 2016. Soul Harvest is a local multiplayer strategy game with arcade flavor where players take on the role of a demon prince to harvest souls, summon minions and unleash diabolical magicks on their foes. I’ve […]


Role: Sound Design, Music, Game Audio Implementation Status: Shipped 05.16.2015 for Windows & OSX. TONIGHT YOU DIE is an audio-rich first person exploration game. The player is abandoned in a desolate brutalist landscape with only a menacing note as a clue: “Tonight you die.”

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